Materials for Packing

Need to know which items to pack in each box?

All n 1 Stop, is your one stop shop for moving. We have it covered! See below for box sizes, examples of what to pack in them and prices.

Prices for Boxes and What They Might Be Used For

Small boxes $2.00 each

Used for: Books and heavy items

Medium boxes $3.00

Used for: linens, pots and pans

Large boxes $4.00 each

Linens, toys, lighter density items

Extra Large $6.00

Pillows, comforters, toys, lampshades, and shoe boxes

China Barrel/Dishpak $6.00

Breakable items such as: dishes, stemware, lamps and china

Picture boxes $6.00

Wardrobe Boxes $15.00

Holds 15-20 clothing items

Tape Rolls $1.50

Craft Paper $35.00 (1/4 roll)

Wrapping Paper $15.00 (bundle)

Mattress Covers $6.00

Stretch Wrap $20.00

Once you’ve determined the types and the approximate number of boxes you need, total up the cost by adding all of the boxes together.