About Us

About Us

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Let’s be honest, moving is not a task that evokes feelings of happiness.

The stress associated with an upcoming move can be a lot to handle. For some, just the thought can send you spiraling. All n 1 Stop is your One Stop Shop for all things associated with moving. In the past, we wanted slow and steady; it won the race. In our society, fast is better. Some things cannot be rushed. For instance, moving is an art and one that can only be executed in a meticulous manner.

With all these things in mind, All n 1 Stop has managed to create and maintain a company with old fashioned values. Customer service focused, live service, super organized, professional and friendly. What sets us apart is that we love and enjoy interacting with our customers.

  • By listening to your concerns, we can customize a move based on your needs.
  • When you call All n 1 Stop, we will answer your call, honestly answer all your questions and ensure that a plan is set in motion.
  • It is our desire to make you wishes a reality.
  • We want you to feel important because you are.
  • All n 1 Stop alleviates the stress associated with moving, so you won’t have to.
  • We take care of the smallest details for a successful move.
  • You provide the particulars and we’ll take care of the rest for the ultimate moving experience.

Her Story

Life throws all kinds of curve balls and it’s up to us to decide the next course of action. Ms. Tanya Cooper didn’t know that all her years in Special Education were preparing her for an unexpected career change, but willingly accepted it.

Ms. Cooper spent over 15 years as a Special Education Teacher/Administrator in various school districts in the Washington, DC suburbs. Earning an M Ed from George Washington University and BA from Trinity University allowed her to pursue her passion of providing direct and indirect services to students with special needs, especially, emotionally and behaviorally disturbed. From that experience she learned skills in problem solving, results driven solutions, patience, multi-tasking, and innovation.

CEO and Director of Logistics, her expertise in customer relations is utilized daily with customers, personnel and business associates. Running a successful business is a twenty-four hour, 7 days a week endeavoring roller coaster that never stops.  She enjoys the ride and new challenges each day brings.  What she brings to All n 1 Stop is her past experiences to include, Special Education Teacher, Crisis Intervention Specialist, and Administrator.

His Story

As luck would have it, Mr. Bryan Cooper was thrown a few career curve balls as well for the better. Byran’s career started with a dream of earning a degree and going into Criminal Justice. He earned an Associate of Arts Degree from Prince George's Community College, but the universe has a way of pushing us in directions we had not planned.

Bryan climbed the ranks of success at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and was very successful.  After an illustrious career with Enterprise Rent-A-Car where he received numerous rewards for exceptional customer service, it was time for a change.

When the opportunity presented itself for him to partner with a friend and take over an existing delivery service, he jumped at the opportunity as the possibilities were limitless. Bryan operated and ran the docks at the Washington Design Center for over 5 years assisting various showrooms with receiving and delivering furniture. He has business associations with: Henredon, Baker, Robert Allen, Fendi, and an array of interior designers. The moving industry experienced a shift once the real estate market somewhat crashed; it was time yet again to move on to something that would produce a steady clientele. Bryan realized the need to create his own company. Mr. Cooper has been in the moving industry for over 20 years. What he brings to All n 1 Stop is his past experiences, to include, Cleaning Company Owner, Customer Service and Moving experience.   Their story continues……

Their Story

Bryan and Tanya Cooper are military brats, growing up on Andrews Air Force Base, with their retired Air Force Dad and Accountant Mom. Although they had never shared the experience of working together, they both have very strong work ethics, subscribing to the philosophy of achieving your dreams through hard work and determination.

Bryan decided to branch out on his own and contacted his sister with his idea of creating a family owned moving company. Although Bryan had years of experience in the moving industry and as a manager, she was lacking experience in both the moving industry and as a business owner. She felt she would be completely out of her league as a woman in a male dominated industry. Bryan felt that the moving industry lacked companies that could encompass a plethora of things.

While creating the foundation for their dream moving company, they sought out to fill in the gaps, creating a company that was fueled by customer service and encompassed:  moving, storage, moving labor, clean outs, bulk trash, commercial, and residential cleaning.  A few months after approaching his sister, All n 1 Stop (moving and storage) was created. Bryan and Tanya have been able to grow their “old fashioned” customer service focused business. Six years later, with a lot of hard work and perseverance combined with determination, the dynamic brother and sister duo have succeeded in staying true to their family owned and operated company vision. They continue to grow their business, always putting their customers first.  In tune with their motto, they were able to create a moving company where “One Call Does It All.”

The Team

Our Movers are trained professionals, local and long distance moving with vast experience in customer service, wrapping, packing, loading and most importantly, paying attention to detail(s). Personable, energetic, accommodating, polite, courteous, and trustworthy. All these things and more are the make-up of All n 1 Stop. The Team believes in our mission of providing stellar customer service, providing great services to the community and leaving a smile on their face.

Meet the Supervisors

Troy Graham

“Winners quit when they’ve won, and losers quit,” words spoken by one of our youngest and most dedicated Supervisor’s.  Graduating from Central High School, Troy has 4 years in the moving industry. He comes to All n 1 Stop with the knowledge he gained while working with a few local moving companies. After working with the other companies, he has graced us with his presence. We are delighted to have him on our Team.  Troy is nicknamed “the machine.” At the end of a very long day, we can always count on him to go the extra mile, whether going on one more job or assisting a team member. Troy is always ready to work.  Pleasant, smiling and joking, polite, professional and eager to assist wherever he can.

Demetrius Jordan

Demetrius, aka DJ, aka “The Hulk,” is one of our oldest and most beloved Supervisor’s. DJ has been with All n 1 Stop since its inception. He has years of moving and customer service experience. An expert at all things moving: wrapping, packing, and organizing.  Although he’s not huge in stature, his ability to lift and maneuver heavy items in difficult situations attest to his nickname “The Hulk.”  He handles heavy boxes effortlessly with finesse. When DJ is on the job, all bases are covered, ensuring a seamless transaction.  Hard working, professional, meticulous and friendly, are just a few words to describe him. We are elated to have him on our Team and part of the All n 1 Stop family.

James Blanco

James has been with All n 1 Stop from the beginning. He is one of our original employees. James started with us without any moving experience. However, he decided to learn all facets of the job so he would be able to handle all functions. He did just that, worked, watched and listened and learned all he could. James was promoted to Supervisor; proving that hard work does pay off. James is loved by the customers for his great personality, attention to detail, and his warm personality.  He’s a rock star with the customers and they often request him. Who can resist a Mover who simultaneously tell jokes while moving boxes. Extremely professional and is great at all things moving. He also brings his diversity, James is bilingual and speaks fluent Spanish.

Meet the Moving Specialist

De’ Lontae “Tay” Hardy

Miguel is one of All n 1 Stop’s original employees and had been here since it’s inception prior to his departure. He left to work for 2, million dollar companies, Canada Dry and Cintas. Miguel came back to All n 1 Stop (in his words) “because our CEO is outstanding and the company itself is a growing power house that at its core is family based.” With a warm disposition, willingness to always go the extra mile, and attention to detail; he is an asset to the company.

Pictures of the All n 1 Stop Family