Moving FAQ: Can I hire movers to load a truck?

Moving FAQ: Can I hire movers to load a truck?

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Moving FAQ: Can I hire movers to load a truck?

Marketing efforts have convinced or conditioned us that when we move, we need to hire professional movers from a local moving company. Despite the existence of moving providers, we automatically call local movers to get the job done.

Alternatively, those with little to move, little money to pay moving services, or are injured and require packing and moving services from movers near me have recourse to DIY methods of moving. The same question is on all their lips: can I pay moving experts just to load my truck?


Just The Packs, Ma’am

Thanks to entrepreneurs and ingenuity, some companies own no moving trucks. They just pack your stuff, load your truck, and unload it at your destination. Residential moving experts or commercial moving experts, it doesn’t matter. They do what you need to be done at a fraction of the price of regular moving companies.



Maybe your friends will be busy on moving day. Maybe they won’t know how to pack a truck properly. You can get around such unprofessional action by using professional movers to load and unload your truck. Here are the advantages of hiring a moving company to load your truck:

Optimizing space.

Local movers who only load your truck do this every day. They know how to pack a truck so that everything is supported and uses the space for which that size truck was chosen.

Safety of belongings.

Secured Moving Services

Most any local moving company is insured against breakages. Your friends aren’t. Hiring movers near me to pack your truck ensures your belongings will remain safe.

No pain. 

Less Stressful Moving Services

You have enough trouble moving the furniture to vacuum beneath it. How can you load it on a moving truck? Well, that’s what we do. We are moving experts who know how to lift properly and use two people to carry heavy furniture.


Fast and Efficient Moving Services

Moving services do this every day. When you do something frequently, you build up speed. You know how to do it right and automatically do it. Your friends may do their own jobs this way, but not packing a moving truck.

Save some money.

When we asked our friends to help us move, we supplied them with KFC and a case or two of beer. That works out to what we would have spent had we hired residential moving experts or commercial moving experts to pack the truck for us.


Call All n 1 Stop Moving and Storage today!

When you call All N 1 Stop Moving and Storage to ask if we’ll load your truck, you’ll need an estimate. The movers will need to see how many belongings will be loaded, so they can estimate time to load and unload. You’ll need to know how much it will cost. Both can be determined at the time of the interview.

The company will need to know your moving date and the addresses involved. You’ll also need to know when to pay the loaders – before or after the process is completed. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to load your truck.

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