Choosing a Long and Short Distance Moving Companies

Choosing a Long and Short Distance Moving Companies

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Choosing a Long and Short Distance Moving Companies

Moving can be an exciting but sometimes stressful undertaking. One important decision a relocating party must render in advance of their move is hiring a moving company. Retaining the services of an affordable, reputable and competent establishment often makes the difference between an easy, expedient move and a lengthy, complicated relocation. 

All N 1 Stop Moving, an Alexandria Moving Company performing relocation services for residents of the suburban Washington D.C. region, invites our current and potential clients to read this short blog offering valuable tips regarding attributes that will set reputable companies part from their competition. Optimal relocation establishments:


Perform Walkthroughs

Reputable companies will perform a thorough walkthrough. This activity, typically performed by the entity’s estimator will ask detailed questions about:

  • The home’s inventory
  • The layout of the new residence
  • Specific items the moving party will not want included in the moving truck
  • Any other pertinent issues

To summate, reputable entities will want to map out every detail of the move.


Take A Concise Inventory

Hiring Cheap and Organized Alexandria Movers

Professional companies will take a careful inventory of every item the moving parties wish to be transported by company representatives. Such inventory will not only include bulky items like furniture and electronic equipment but will also include the contents of closets and cupboards. Said action is executed to give the movers a better idea of how much manpower will be needed, in addition to the materials necessary to complete the job like equipment and vehicles.


Do Not Demand Large Upfront Payments

Cheap movers in Alexandria will not mandate prospective customers submit large payments upfront. Making a small initial deposit is one thing. However, companies that mandate large sums ahead of the move should be avoided.


Possess Confirmable Contact Information

Hiring Professional and Verified Alexandria Movers

Professional moving establishments will possess discernible and confirmable contact information, including:

  • Viable headquarters or main office location
  • Actual mailing address
  • A working telephone number
  • A functional website that is easy to navigate

Additionally, in today’s technologically-driven world, reputable entities will also hold accounts with several common social media outlets.


A Solid Reputation

Competent relocation companies will enjoy a favorable reputation from past customers and in the business community. One surefire method of identifying a reputable establishment is noting how long said entity has been in business. Chances are companies that have been operational for decades have done so because they have a list of satisfied customers. Furthermore, upstanding establishments will hold favorable ratings with consumer watchdog agencies, such as the Better Business Bureau, often abbreviated simply as the BBB.


Do Not Try To Continually Add Charges

Professional companies will provide an estimate and draw up a contract clearly detailing what the charges are and how the establishment reached its total price. Moreover, the entity will provide the prospective customer the opportunity to review and endorse the contract. Be wary of establishments that keep trying to sneak in additional charges.


Hold Proper Documentations

Hiring Reputable and Licensed Alexandria Movers

Reputable entities will hold any necessary state and local licensures, in addition to insurance.


Contacting Us

If you live in Northern Virginia, we encourage you to contact our moving company in Alexandria. Our team of experienced movers will perform a thorough evaluation, make a fair cheap movers estimate and carefully transport belongings from one home to another.