Facts About Movers Explained – How to Pack Heavy Items

Facts About Movers Explained – How to Pack Heavy Items

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Facts About Movers Explained – How to Pack Heavy Items

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting events of the year. However, it can be difficult to move heavy items when they weigh an extraordinary amount. Let’s take a look at how to pack heavy items and some other facts about movers.

As a general rule of thumb, we pack items by weight. The heaviest ones should be on the bottom and lightest ones should be on the top. This stabilizes the pile and ensures that nothing heavy comes crashing down in the worst case scenario. In addition, the boxes on the bottom are most susceptible to collapse. They should be filled with the heaviest, sturdiest items that have a solid outer core. If we were to put lighter items on the bottom, the box could simply crumple and fold under the sheer weight of the stack.

Similarly, it’s always a good idea to sort items by size. While this is roughly the same order as weight, there can be a few differences. It simply doesn’t make any sense to put a massive box on top of a smaller one. We pack items by both size and weight, taking into account both factors when finding the best configuration. Regardless of how bulky your items are, there’s always a solution within reach.


Lots of rope

Top Annapolis Movers Heavy Duty Rope Packing

A healthy amount of rope is our friend when it comes to packing heavy items. We need something to tie all of the boxes down and make sure they don’t slip and slide. Natural or nylon rope is the perfect tool for this job. Secure each box from top to bottom and tie packing knots to ensure that the rope won’t fray under high stress. In particular, some people forget to lock down the sides of the box, which means rotation is possible when it sits in the back of a truck. We use heavy duty rope to pack the heaviest items in order to leave no doubt about the rope’s stability.


Boxes with handles

Boxes with handles are so much more convenient than boxes without handles. With handles or at least some sort of place to grip, we can pick up and place boxes without a hitch. There’s nothing worse than a heavy box dropping to the floor and damaging the pristine floor of your new apartment. We take the utmost care to gently raise and lower boxes without any sudden motions. When carrying a heavy box, it’s very important to find your center of gravity and not lose balance. In particular, when moving backwards, it can be easy to sway from side to side and fall off track. This is why it’s good to address this issue in the packing stage. Putting things in the box randomly means you can’t predict where the box will lean or sway. Not only is it harder to carry, but it’s harder to load onto a machine like a forklift in the event that this is necessary.


Provide a word of caution

Top Annapolis Movers Box Labeling

Once all the items are packed, it’s not a bad idea to label certain ones with caution tape to alert others of their importance. Maybe these boxes contain fragile possessions. Maybe they are deceptively heavy and should be treated with care. In either scenario, it’s a good gesture to signal to others that these boxes stand out among the others. This is another thing that is good to communicate between mover and client. It makes the process as straightforward and possible and leads to a quicker move on both sides. We appreciate this and will likely attach labels ourselves when we are moving as this has proved to be an efficient way to transport heavy items.


Lots of manpower

The bottom line is, we need a lot of people to pack and lift the heavy items. It might seem tempting to take shortcuts and brute force some of the packages to save time. While this often gets the job done, it’s risky and really just a bad practice overall. We ensure that enough people are working on the job to make it practical. One person holds the door, another picks up the box, and a final person is in the van to load it onto the vehicle. There’s no shame at all in using the whole crew to help out with the move when necessary. Especially for heavy items, it’s dangerous to strain our backs or necks when trying to pick them up by ourselves. Call us for help and pack these items with ease. We’re one of the best Annapolis movers and can handle any move no matter how big or small.


Use a moving service

Top Annapolis Movers Moving Services

When it comes to the heaviest items, you don’t want to handle it yourself. Instead, turn to our services as one of the best movers. If you think your television and refrigerator are too bulky for anyone to handle, think again. Our professional teams have the experience and knowledge to make the move as smooth as possible. We will handle everything from driving up to your doorstep, loading the boxes and delivering it to the target destination. For most items, there’s no need to even separate them or package them yourself. We come with all the supplies necessary to pack and move your belongings. Heavy items are our specialty. If it’s too heavy to move by hand, we’ll bring a fleet of vans and trucks to get the job done. Give us a call to discuss your next move. We cover the whole city and all neighborhoods you could possibly be moving to.

Heavy items are always the most difficult to handle, and it’s important to pack them the right way. With smart packing, we can secure these items tightly and not have to worry about them on the move. One of the top Annapolis movers can help you with this transition to take as much stress off your hands.