How To Prepare For Local Movers Arrival

How To Prepare For Local Movers Arrival

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How To Prepare For Local Movers Arrival

Moving day is always the most exciting day of the year. However, you can’t just blindly rush into it without preparation. Let’s take a look at how to prepare for when your local movers arrive.


Clean up your home

If the movers are taking away every bit of your belongings, you have nothing to worry about. However, there are many instances where you might be doing a partial move or moving boxes before actually packing up some of your other things. You’ll want to clean up the apartment or house before the movers arrive. This will give them a clear path from your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen to the doorway. Boxes can be heavy and unwieldy.

The last thing we want is to knock over chairs and stools on our way to the door. Clean up your hallways to make the move as smooth as possible. You might also consider propping open the door with a doorstop. This is a much more efficient alternative to manually opening and closing it shut.


Label your boxes

Labeling Moving Boxes Top Movers DC

Labeling boxes helps us out tremendously. As one of the top local movers, we want to get your things to your new apartment or home without any sort of damage. By labeling the boxes, we can get a sense of which ones have the highest priority.

If a box is labeled as fragile, we will treat it with the utmost care before anything else. If a box is labeled as unstable, we will know that there might be something rolling around inside or the weight is not evenly distributed. This will help our workers to get a good feel for the objects. One important step in loading boxes is determining the order in which to place them. If we can get a count of the number of big boxes and small boxes, we can stack them appropriately. Organization is simply so helpful for movers and your sanity alike.


Have other utilities on hand

Preparing Utilities Top Movers DC

Movers will inevitably need to use the bathroom sooner or later. A source of running water is also handy for wiping boxes down to make them clean and frictionless. If you can have these utilities ready beforehand, it’s an immense help to the crew. 

They won’t have to spend time searching for water or a toilet and can instead focus on the job. Once again, your possessions will reach their destination in record time, and everyone can go home satisfied. There’s really not much to be done here, just make sure your apartment is accessible to everyone. For all the top movers DC including ourselves, we really appreciate the gesture.



When you prepare well for DC local movers, it makes the job so much easier on both ends. The move will be expedited, and you can get settled in your new home as quickly as possible. You can also rest assured that there won’t be any accidents or mishaps along the way.