Moving FAQ: Can I hire expert movers to move only one item?

Moving FAQ: Can I hire expert movers to move only one item?

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Moving FAQ: Can I hire expert movers to move only one item?

Every move will present its own unique challenges. Making the best arrangements possible can be just as important to those who are planning on moving a small household or even just a single item as it is for larger homes. The services, assistance, and solutions that only expert movers can bring to the table could make a key difference, especially when it comes to ensuring that valuable and hard-to-move items can be transported with greater ease.


Managing a Small Move

Large or small, careful planning and effective preparation are crucial concerns for any move. Overlooking essential resources or trying to tackle more than they might be able to handle on their own are common mistakes for those who are planning moves that may be smaller in scope. Struggling with objects that may be too heavy to safely lift or accidents that may result in damage to either belongings or their surroundings could lead to no end of problems. 

Even for small moves, expert movers can play an important role in ensuring that the entire process can be handled smoothly and without incident.


Transporting a Single Item

Hiring Single Item Professional Movers

Hiring a professional to transport a single item may seem like overkill, but many items may require the skills and resources that only the experts have to offer. Items that may be too heavy, bulky or difficult to move without a professional typically include:

  • Security Safes
  • Pianos
  • Major Home Appliances
  • Sofa Beds and Other Bulk Furniture


The relatively modest service costs involved can spare owners the added expense associated with equipment or vehicle rental while providing them with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their move or item is in good hands.


Minimizing the Risk of Accident or Injury

Staying Safe During a Move

While lifting injuries are extremely common, they are not something that should ever be taken lightly. Trying to lift too much or wrestling with an item that would be better left to the professionals could result in a back or muscle injury that could have lasting consequences. Leaving furniture that could be problematic as well as appliances that may require a lift, hoist or dolly in order to be safely transported to the professionals is often the safest approach to take.


Planning a Successful Move

Smooth and Easy Moving Tips

A well-planned move is not something that should ever be left to chance. From getting an early start on your packing and preparation to knowing where to find the best assistance, moving services and solutions, planning things out in advance goes a long way towards ensuring a more successful and stress-free move. Obtaining a quote or learning more about various options for hard-to-move items will allow you to make more informed decisions when planning your next move.

Whether you need comprehensive services or just seeking a little extra help with one or two hard-to-move items, our expert movers have the skills, equipment, and resources needed to ease the stress of your next move.