How to Choose a Good Mover

How to Choose a Good Mover

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How to Choose a Good Mover

The million dollar question is “how do I choose a mover?” And although it appears to be a difficult question, there are definitely questions and signs to assist you and make this task less taunting.

#1 Fully insured

You  want to start with making sure the company you’re interested in hiring has a US DOT number. Click on this link Licensing & Insurance Carrier Search and type in the US DOT number, business name or the name their doing business as (DBA name)

#2 BBB A rating or higher

An accredited business will not only be registered with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) but will also have a great rating and history with them. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private, non-profit organization that monitors businesses and rates them on a scale from “F” to “A+” based on their practices.

#3 Free estimates

Free estimates is a great way to put a face with the company and provides a chance to meet prior to your move. It gives the moving company an opportunity to visit your home, access your belongings, look for moving obstacles and provide the most accurate estimate. Nervous about moving or have questions, its an opportune time to ask all the questions you have and get answers by an expert.

#4 Reputation

Google, Yelp and other similar sites are a great way to gain insight into the company you are inviting into your home to move your most personal and valued items. A great moving company will have stellar reviews to substantiate their claims of being the greatest moving company. The reviews will tell their own story. In general, reviewers don’t typically give five star reviews to companies who didn’t provide great and economical services. Ask for proof and if they can provide testimonials, letters of recommendation or reviews, that can only be a great thing.

#5 Are they good listeners

 There are many aspect that go into a planing and executing a successful move. Finding the right moving company isn’t any different than making a large purchase. You have something particular in mind to include the price you want to spend. Now you have to interview and shop around until you find the perfect match. When shopping for a moving company, ensure they are listening to what you need and let them explain if they can accommodate your wishes and how how they are going to make it happen. A great moving company wants to talk to you and won’t rush you during the process. Together you will create a customized plan that addresses all of your concerns and is cost efficient. One should never book a moving job with a company that makes you feel less than a priority.