How To Pack Small Appliances

How To Pack Small Appliances

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How To Pack Small Appliances

When you are packing your various small appliances, because you need to move to a new location soon, the truth of the matter is that you need to pack your small appliances with ultra care in order to prevent them from sustaining any damage along the moving process. Thus, we, as the best cheap movers DC, supply some great tips about how to pack your small appliances to ensure that they will arrive safely to their new destination, so that they will be ready for your usage once you need to access them again.

It would be truly unpleasant to find that your small appliances are broken and are not functioning property at your new location. Though appliances are small in size, this does not in any way mean that they are cheap in price. In fact, small appliances can be quite costly, especially if you buy well-known brands.

Therefore, to save you the dreaded expense of having to replace small appliances that get damaged or broken in your moving process, if you follow the tips that we mention here, your small appliances should not sustain any damage and will be in pristine working condition for all your various needs whenever you need them.


Tips on Packing

Use enough of padding to protect electronic parts and sensitive parts

When you have a small appliance, such as a small radio, a clock, or other similar small appliances, it is of utmost importance to be sure to use a lot of padding during the packing process. This is necessary to ensure that any electronic parts that are noted as being particularly delicate and sensitive will be truly secure in order to prevent any undesired damage from happening to them.


Use paper pad for the sake of wrapping appliances that are small

Packing Small Appliances with Paper Pad

It is highly advised that you use a paper pad when it comes to the issue of wrapping your various small appliances. The paper pad is a form of paper wrap that is constructed with multiple layers. This type of paper wrap will do wonders in protecting items that are fragile, such as parts that are removable or if there are any accessories that are detachable. Wrap all such items individually in paper pad.


Wrap cords with packing paper

You know that most of your appliances have electrical cords unless they are battery operated. So, when it comes to packing your small appliances, you should wrap packing paper around the power cords. This is a secure measure in preventing the appliances from becoming scratched by the sharp prongs on the end of the cord.


Do not forget to use tape on paper pad

It is not enough to wrap your small appliances in paper pad. You should also go the extra step in placing tape on the paper pad once you have wrapped the appliance in it. This will make sure that your appliance, accessories, and removable parts that are fragile will all be secured when you are handling the items during the moving process.

If you do not use a tape, the appliances, accessories, and fragile parts can easily slip out of the paper pad, which could lead to the damage of the items. It could even mean that an appliance becomes so damaged that the only alternative is to buy a new one, as the cost of repairing an appliance can be more costly than replacing an appliance.

Either way, the reality is that you do not want to spend more money on appliances. Thus, the simpler careful usage of tape on the paper pad can make a huge difference by ensuring that your appliances, accessories, and fragile parts of appliances will not slip out and sustain any damage.


Add paper and packing peanuts in the bottom of a box

Packing Small Appliances with Papers

Place lots of paper and/or packing peanuts in the bottom of a box to prevent items that are wrapped from slipping around. You can pack items in the same box as other items, as long as there is lots of padding around them. For example, you can place small appliances in boxes with clothing, towels, bed linens, etc. The softness of the materials will help to add extra protection for your items.


Empty appliances of water, food, and batteries

Be sure to empty any small appliances of water or food. Such appliances should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before packing them to prevent mildew and mold. Such items include electric steamers, electric mixers, microwaves, kettles, coffee makers, etc. Also, be sure to empty batteries from all small appliances, as this is a safety precaution.

This is because batteries can unexpectedly corrode, which could damage your appliances. For example, batteries should not be exposed to extreme cold or heat. But your items may be outside in the yard of your old location or your new location for a while until they are loaded into the truck or taken into the new location. So, removing the batteries can prevent any issues or damage to your appliances.


Wrapping items separately is important

Do be sure to wrap all your small appliances separately. That means that they should not be wrapped in the same sheet of paper pad or foam, etc. When you are careful to wrap each item separately, then you will be sure that they will not bang other items, will not sustain damage and will work optimally.


Use the original boxes that your appliances came in

Packing Small Appliances with their Original Boxes

If you still have the original boxes that your appliances came in, then use those boxes. You can still wrap the outside of those boxes with paper pad or foam for added protection. Using the original boxes that the items came in will provide the comfort of knowing that your items are truly secure and well protected.


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